17 August, 2010

The Pink Non-Tower

For a year and some, I have been thinking about and wishing I had . . . a pink tower! I just love this sensorial activity.  It teaches so many skills!

I imagine it would also act as a sort of "obstacle," teaching children to walk carefully around the classroom  - or you know what!  Yup, the whole thing would fall over!

Alas however, our school budget is small, and I just don't have the money to buy one myself.  So instead I have worked on amassing other objects that can be arranged according to size.  I know, I know, they won't do all that the pink tower would, but I still thought graduating sizes of "whatevers,"  could still be mighty interesting.

I started with stones.  The children had fun, arranging them by size!  I put out a variety of sizes and colors.

The Pink Non-Tower

I also encouraged the children to feel free to work with tree branch pieces (which usually live in the block building area.)  I also added something to the other objects, which I whipped up over the weekend.  The background on this activity is that a few years ago (surely when I was last thinking about graduated sizes activities) I picked up a series of wooden almost-spheres (I say "almost" because they do have a small flattened part on one side.)  I think I picked them up at a craft store.  So they have been sitting around my house, not being used for anything.  This weekend I came upon them, and I decided to paint them.  I wanted them to be an inviting color, not too bright, but not too dark either.   So I decided to paint them . . . pink!  What would Maria Montessori say?  I don't know, but for my class and me, it works!
Graduated sizing

My Consumer Product Safety Tester
I think we will also work with nuts, bolts, leaves, jars, or whatever other materials we find!  I am excited to see what else the children dream up and find, to add to this work!


  1. Okay, I couldn't figure out how to make "Preview" work today, so I hope you all don't get 17 notices that I posted something. Sorry, I am still figuring all this blog stuff out. : )

  2. LOVE it! What a great idea! I've gotta get me some tree cookies, and I think I've seen the spheres somewhere too!

  3. This is really out of box thinking :) Love it!
    What paint did you use?

  4. Leann, I cozied up to some tree guys last Spring (meaning of course, that I brought them some home made cookies.) : ) They were cutting down a tree in my neighbor's front yard, and seemed happy to cut up a few tree cookies, in exchange for the real cookies. The only problem was drying the tree cookies. I should have asked my friend Frances to stick them in her kiln, but I didn't think of it, so a few pieces have a few suspect marks on them - a smidge of mold I think. I sprayed then at the beginning of the summer with bleach and water and hoped for the best. So far no more suspicious marks have appeared!

  5. And Sandra, I'm glad you like the idea. I used a small bottle of $.99 acrylic paint! Bonus! : )

  6. You should cozy up to them some more and get some blocks! I've been drooling over some tree blocks with bark and...if you "shellac" them with some oil the bark won't fall off.

    I love the stones most of all. I think they're beautiful, and really give the kids a feeling of connection and I'm stealing that idea too!!!



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