05 September, 2010

Oooh la la la! I love music!

Hi everyone!  If you are following this blog, thank you so much!  I appreciate your patience as I learn how to work out just how everything works!  And to say thank you in another way, I have an oh-so-lovely (according to me anyway) set of musical cards.  Oooh la la la!  Get it?  : )

This is a set of cards showing the C major scale (starting with middle C) for both the treble and bass clefs. Each note has a corresponding color and follows the rainbow in terms of order.  For example, D notes are orange, in both the treble and bass clef cards.  The only note that has 2 colors is the C itself because it starts and ends the scale.  (So in each set of cards, one C is purple and the other is pink.)

This is page 1 (of 5)

I am planning on using these cards in my classroom, when we start talking about classical music, probably in about a month or so.  

I would like to work on making cards for the other major scales too, if any of you would use them.  Leave me a note in the comment box if you would like a specific scale, or maybe you would prefer info cards about sharp and flat notes etc.  

Well anyway, I hope you enjoy these!  : )  And thanks for being oh-so-lovely readers!


  1. you have been featured on The Montessori Goldmine
    help yourself to a button,
    thanks Jo

  2. Thanks Jo! I honestly don't know how to take a button, but after school today (I'm headed out in a couple of minutes), I'll figure it out. : )


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