04 October, 2010


Welcome to my Africa box!

I really have just begun to explore and make activities for this box, but I got an awesome start from the continent swap this summer.  Thanks to Aly at The Power of Two I have these materials!  They include lovely wooden African animals, some coins, stamps, fabric pieces for matching, a drawing of 2 indigenous people, and some ancient Egyptians from a Safari "toob."  Pretty great, right?

I also have a bunch of great books!  (Sorry about the reflection from the flash.) 

Activity Village.co.uk has lots of fun activities about the 2010 World Cup, which took place in South Africa.  Here are some of the colored bookmarks they have available on their web site.  (These are the flags of all the countries who competed.)

And lastly, I am making some digital cards, but they're not finished yet.  These are . . .

  • photos of Masai children matching cards
  • African musical instruments
  • How to Make a Mummy sequencing cards (these are pretty toned down as they are for Preschoolers)

And here are some amazing resources:
Africa:  It's not a country  (This has links to so many sites!)

My friend Leann at Montessori Tidbits has also listed resources!  Visit her here!


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