23 October, 2010

Noah's Ark: The Musical

Our Preschool class has taken a short break from attending our weekly school Mass.  We happen to have a particularly young class this year, and the children seem to need a bit longer to settle into the school routine.

To supplement the children religious education one of the parish priests, Father Chris, has very kindly agreed to come to our classroom and meet with the children each week.  He is going to read Bible stories, take the children on a sort of walking "tour" of the Mass, and just take some time to get to know them and answer some of their questions.  We are so excited about this!

Father Chris came to our class for the first time this week.  He read our class the story of Noah's Ark.  The children really seemed to enjoy his visit. 

The next day, our class reviewed the story of Noah’s Ark.  I retold the story at our Circle time.  I told the story from memory, trying to act out some parts of it as I went.  (This was one of my "to do" items since visiting The Waldorf School.  It is so wonderful to be able to look right into the children's eyes as I tell a story.  They really are engaged in a different way.)  After the retelling of the story, we all listened to a truly wonderful piece of music which tells the story of the animals parading “two by two by two” into Noah’s ark.  “The Return of the Animals” is from the musical Children of Eden, by Stephen Schwartz  You can listen to it at this link: http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=Aau-zgIbWio The children LOVED this song!  They seemed to be able to clearly imagine each of the animals, based on the music.  During our group circle, they took turns “walking into the ark” as whatever animal they thought the music was representing.  Our class had monkeys, birds, frogs, rabbits, elephants, horses, and even a vulture!
If you don't know this song, I cannot recommend it highly enough!  The entirety of Children of Eden is lovely, but this song is extra fantastic, especially for children.  It allows them to imagine and really almost "see" the animals parading into the ark, just from listening to the music!  Be sure to have your child listen for the little surprise at the very end of the song.  It is my children's favorite part!  

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