20 November, 2010

Friday's Nature Table

I follow a lovely Waldorf blog called The Magic Onions.  It is full of lovely and really inspirational ideas.  Yesterday, I read her latest post called Friday's Nature Table.  Well, of course today is Saturday, but I put together our latest nature table display yesterday, so hopefully she will not mind if I hop in a wee bit late.
: )

So without further ado, here are a few photos of our Friday Nature Table:

I am just learning to needle felt, so my felt people are a little wacky looking, but my students seem to enjoy how soft they are and don't seem to mind their slightly unusual looks.  : )

 If you haven't read Wild Child, I highly recommend it.  It is full of beautiful pictures and the children loved the fact that the wild child was a wee bit naughty and a bit sassy too!

In the back corner of our room, next to our Plimoth house, we have a little nature item, an awesome rabbit pelt, kindly sent to me by a dear friend Sandra.  It has been very interesting for the children to look at and touch.  It also gave us the opportunity to discuss why the Pilgrims and the Native Americans they met, had to hunt animals.  We discussed that people only killed animals because they had to, for food. We also discussed how the skins and fur were used to keep people warm during the cold, harsh winter.

If you have some fun nature table items or a display you'd like to share, you might consider hopping on over to The Magic Onions too!

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  1. Love this! Perhaps you would like to see my skeleton unit. I look forward to your postings!


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