14 December, 2010

Colors, textures, sounds, and . . . soup!

Caution:  Here is one more post that, should you be a current parent of a student in my class, you should not read!  Shhhhh!  We are preparing this as a surprise for you!

Today our class worked on the second part of our Christmas gifts for parents.  This is a project I learned from the most amazing teacher I have ever met, Deanna.

I began the process of making this gift by giving each of our 12 present children, one bag of beans.  We had 18 bags of beans, 2 of each kind:

  • red beans
  • lentils
  • split peas
  • Great Northern beans
  • baby lima beans
  • pinto beans
  • navy beans
  • black eyed peas
  • black beans

Because our basket wasn't big enough to hold all the bags, we just used 12 to begin.

Each child was invited to examine his or her bag of beans.  Some immediately noticed their bag "matched" a bag of another child! 

 Hey!  We have a match!

Next, I asked the children to notice the color of their beans.  They were not surprised to learn the names of red and black beans, but wondered why navy beans aren't navy blue.  Hmmm.

Each child poured his or her bag of beans into a large basket.  They made a lovely sound as they were poured.  I asked the children if the sound reminded them of anything in the classroom like . . . our rainstick!

Lentils were added . . .

and black beans . . .

and the lovely green colored split peas.

The mixture looked very inviting, ready for little fingers to mix!

Each child took 3 turns running his or her hands (carefully!) through the beautiful mixture.  I asked them how the beans felt on their fingers.  Their answers were


(And of course, as the children mixed, the "rainstick" noise continued.)

After being mixed, the bean mixture looked even more lovely!

Each child then scooped out 2 cups of bean mixture 

which we then bagged up with the child's name.

Tomorrow we will wrap up the children's other gifts, beautiful wreath ornaments, the baggies of bean mixture, and a recipe for 9 bean soup.  

So, families will have the beginnings of a yummy warm meal, a sparkly tree ornament, and children who have experienced a wonderful activity which included . . .

and . . . soup!

Cue the Gershwin music please, Who could ask for anything more?!

What gifts have you helped prepare for your children's parents or for your spouse from your children?  I always need more ideas so as always, I welcome your comments!  Thank you!

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  1. Love this!

    If you do this next year you could start collecting jars to pop the soup into so they could create soup labels to glue to the front! Or...decorate the lids with fabric or spray paint as its easier to clean in my opinion.

    Toooooo adorable! I also wanted to say that that basket is BEAUTIFUL!



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