05 December, 2010

Earth bracelets

This week we have been learning about what lies beyond Earth, in space.  The children have been making stars (post about this is soon to come), punching constellations, and spending quality time in our observatory.

"Earth bracelets" is an activity I have laid out on a small table next to our observatory.  It is useful for the children in recalling some information about our home planet, Earth!  After the resounding success of our Thanksgiving necklaces, I thought my students might enjoy a different version of this activity.

Here is our classroom map of Earth's oceans and seven continents!  Many mornings during Circle we point to each of the continents as we sing this song . . .

North America, South America,
Africa, Europe, and Asia
Don't forget Australia
Don't forget Antarctica 

The children just love this song, and I hear it sung all around the room, every day.  One parent even reported last week that her 3 year old daughter stood up on her chair after dinner and belted out the continents song!  

So, Earth bracelets . . .
The students are to choose beads to match the colors of the 7 continents on Earth.  (My lovely assistant sorted out the beads so only the correct colors were in the bowl. That was so helpful!)  I also put out this 7 hole tray, so the children could lay out the beads in order before stringing them onto a pipe cleaner.

We crimped the edges of the pipe cleaners as we fastened them to the children's wrists, so the edges wouldn't poke their arms.

I think this activity has been an excellent way to reinforce the continent to color correlation, and hopefully make the continents of Earth even easier for the children to remember.  Plus . . .

 the children love to sing the continents song

and now they have a wearable reminder, so they can sing it even more often.  : )

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