15 December, 2010

I'm a solid, I'm a liquid, I'm a solid, I'm a liquid . . .

Cried of, "Ewwww" rung throughout the land (or at least the school) today as our class continued our learning about the differences between solids and liquids!  

We began discussing this concept last week when we made an ice wreath.  (Here is my original post about that project.)  The wreath began as natural items (leaves, sticks, and berries) mixed with a liquid, water.  It turned to the natural items and a solid, ice.  Then, it turned to the natural items and a liquid, water again!  Amazing!

Sadly, I don't have a picture of the bundt pan with water only, so you'll just have to imagine it.  
It would have the caption, "I'm a liquid."

 I'm a solid!

I'm becoming a liquid again!

Our new substance is called oobleck!  It changes from a liquid to a solid and back again so fast I'm not even sure my camera caught the change.  See if you can spot it!  

To work with oobleck, scoop out a handful,
and hold it tightly in your fist.

Open your hand to reveal a solid,

but don't blink because before you know it, it will begin "melting" before you eyes, and will soon be a liquid again!

Try it again!  I'm a solid, I'm a liquid, I'm a solid, I'm a liquid!  How fun!

Even if it is a little messy!

To make your own oobleck:

Mix 1 1/2 cups of cornstarch
1 cup of water

Add food coloring or glitter for extra fun if you like.


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