16 January, 2011

Language Storage

A few of you have said you are interested in my classroom, so here's a bit more about that.  Today I will show you . . . drum roll please . . . some of our language materials and their storage!  Whoo hoo!

I have some sandpaper letters

and boxes with initial consonant sound cards.  I bought them from Lori at Montessori for Everyoneand sorted them as she suggested.  I bought the little acrylic containers at a party supply store, for $2 each.  They seem to be holding up well.  

Here are my vowel sounds and matching pictures boxes.  They are color coded so that the vowels, in alphabetical order, follow the color order of the light spectrum.  I know this is not the way a true Montessori school would necessarily do it, but I find these colors work well for me and my students.  These cards came from Montessori for Everyone, too.

Here is how I store my language cards and objects for the moveable alphabet.  I also color coded these in the same way as the vowel sounds and matching pictures cards (a is red, e is orange etc.)

a has . . .

  • wax
  • rat
  • cat
  • hat

e has . . .
  • peg
  • jet
  • net
  • red 

i has . . .

  • pin
  • pig
  • lips
  • mit

o has . . .

  • pot
  • box
  • top
  • dog

u has . . .
  • bus (it's that little clear bus on the left) 
  • bug
  • mug
  • gum (the gum seems to be missing.  I'll have to look for it!)

Here are my control sheets for the vowel sounds and picture matching cards, and the vowel sounds books.

 So, these seem to be the only pictures I can find of the whole kit-n-kaboodle, and they are from August.  Not much has changed - except now the control sheets and books share a shelf.

I hope you have enjoyed this peek into my room, and my language area!  


  1. Your room looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!
    Wish we lived close enough that I could pop over and see your room in person, as it looks great.
    Have a happy week, my bloggy buddy:)

  2. Thanks, and I hope you have an awesome trip! : )

  3. Love the room, love the containers, and thank you for mentioning our materials!

  4. Of course Lori! And thanks for your comment! Everything I have purchased from you has been really excellent and useful. Thanks for making all of your materials, and making them available and accessible to everyone! : )

  5. It is beautiful! Thank you for the details and close up pictures.

  6. Karen - love your classroom it is beautiful! Love your artist studies - I love doing these as well! Hey - I do not have your email - mine is fairydustteaching@rocketmail.com! I am interested in your Friday Fairy Tales.

  7. Color Coded Vowels?
    Check out the soundcityreading website!


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