27 January, 2011

A nifty little tip for counting with bead chains

I don't know if everyone already knows this or not, but just in case you don't . . .

It's a nifty little tip I learned from a local Montessori teacher.  When children are counting using bead chains, it might be easy for them to lose their places or miss a bead.  Even 3 year old fingers are bigger than the bead chain beads.  What to do . . .

The little closure pieces from store bought loaves are bread are the perfect size for little counters.  Here's one of mine I just took off a bag.

I cut it in half,

and tah dah, I have two little bead chain counters.  They are just the right size for little fingers, and the half circle opening just fits in the spaces between the beads.

Happy counting!


  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. My husband thinks I'm nuts, I keep them in the corresponding color to the chain. Also, those disposable tooth floss devices work wonders!!


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