25 January, 2011

Snow Cream

We have been out of school quite a bit now due to snow days, so today I thought I would take the opportunity to share with you another of my favorite snow recipes.  We made this at school about a week ago, and again at home during a "stay home because of snow" day.

Snow Cream

heavy whipping cream
powdered sugar
vanilla exract
fresh, clean snow

Here is how we made this delicious treat:

First we poured the whipping cream into a large bowl and whipped it well.  When we whipped the cream at school, I took the opportunity to point out to the children that the cream was a liquid, and that by whipping it (which I defined as adding air into the liquid), 

it became thicker 

and thicker 

until it was almost a solid.  (This harkened back to some of our previous lessons about solid versus liquids which you can read about here. ) Next we mixed in about half a cup of powdered sugar and one tablespoon of vanilla.

Then we headed outside to gather some fresh clean snow.  We brought another large bowl and a serving spoon.

My son carefully scraped off the very top layer of snow, to reveal clean snow underneath,

and carefully spooned it into the waiting bowl.

We then carefully folded the snow into the cream mixture (being sure not to stir too hard as this would have melted the snow, resulting in watery cream instead of snow cream.)

We covered the snow cream, took it outside, buried it in the snow to refreeze.

About a half hour later, we unearthed the bowl

and served the snow cream.

It was delicious and tasted very similar to vanilla ice cream.  The children (my students and my own children) loved it and . . .

it was also an excellent way to reinforce some of our past lessons:

solids versus liquids
snow crystals

Practical life:
mixing and whipping
folding (with regard to cooking)

and Class Cooperation:
taking turns whipping and adding other ingredients
sharing the work of creating a dish for everyone to enjoy

And enjoy it they did!  Hope you do too!


  1. The snow cream looks delicious! How fun to get to make this...and yummy too.

  2. This sounds delicious, we're going to give it a try today and I''ve just linked it at:




  3. How much snow do you add to the cream?

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for posting this on Facebook. It is such a great way to share information, isn't it? About the amount of snow . . . Let's see, we really did it mostly by just eyeing it and adding until it looked about right, but I think it was about 4 or 5 cups of snow and 1 pint of cream. If you make it, will you let me know how it turns out? Thanks, and happy "cooking!" : )


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