15 February, 2011

Preparing for The GBBC Part II: Tiny Bird Matching

This is a little matching activity I made for my class last year, Tiny Bird Matching.  The children really enjoyed it, so I took it out again this year.  It is good preparation for The GBBC!

I found the set of tiny birds at Hobby Lobby last year, in the dollhouse section.  It contained a set of 12 different birds.  Really and truly, they are tiny!  Each one is about the size of 1 centimeter cube.

I picked out 9 of the birds I count identify, and made little cards to match each one.  On the left there is a small photo of the bird and on the right is a small box in which the children are to place the tiny bird.  Here are some of the cards with the tiny birds in the boxes.

It is a simple, but effective activity.  It is good for fine motor skills, detailed observations, and considering all the many colors of different bird species.

If you would like to access this Tiny Birds Matching file, you can do that here.

Enjoy, and remember to check out the web site for The GBBC!


  1. Another super idea! Thank you Karen!

  2. Thanks Sandra, for always being my friend and cheerleader! xoxoxoxo

  3. Ohhhhhh.....im lifting again!


  4. ooo love this!! Thank you!


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