27 February, 2011

Ta da!

I especially love this little beaver's teeth.  Funny.  : )

After they are sealed with wood creme (which I hopefully will mix up in the new few days), 
these little creatures will be ready for children to use in their imaginative play!


  1. awesome!
    they look fantastic...
    I got a jigsaw for christmas and I am hoping to learn to do something similar to what you have so beautifully created:)'

  2. So very sweet!!! I think you and I are kindred spirits~ I teach kindergarten in a Catholic School but also incorporate many Waldorf, Montessori and Reggio Emilia ideas into my classroom teaching.Knitting and spinning I can do but have never tried working with wood. One of the parents in my class recently made 4 beautiful stools out of tree stumps for my classroom. He peeled off all the bark and then sanded and sealed the stools. They are so lovely! I feel very fortunate.

  3. They turned out great. I especially love the rainbow turtle.

  4. Oh, girl, they are perfect! Congratulations! When I have my workshop, you can move in, no question asked :)

  5. Thanks everybody! I am loving making them - and felting! Next I want to learn how to dye silks. Hmmm, that might be too many projects at once, even for Spring break. Sandra, I may have to give up teaching and move into your workshop! : )


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