30 March, 2011

Benjamin Bunny Game

Inspired by this St. Patrick's Day game created by My Montessori Journey,  I created my own little board game.  It is based on The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.

A round of the game doesn't take too long (maybe 3 or 4 turns per child), but it gives the children a chance to revisit Beatrix Potter's story, play together while taking turns, count with one to one correspondence as they move their bunny game pieces, and show good sportsmanship if they lose a round.

Materials needed:

a copy of the game board
2 small rabbits (I used Safari toob animals)
2 small watering cans (I got mine at a craft store, quite inexpensively)
small basket of felt carrots

I also have a lovely wooden figure of Beatrix Potter which I purchased from mamakopp on Etsy.  I think this adds a bit of extra fun.  Don't you agree?  : )


Each child must roll the dice and move his or her rabbit the prescribed number of spaces. If a child lands on a bunch of carrots, she may add one felt carrot to her watering can.  If a child lands on the cat (and is trapped under the basket!  Oh no!), she must remove a carrot.  The child with the most carrots in her watering can (at the end of the game) wins.

You can print a copy of the game board from the picture below or download it here.

   Happy game playing!



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  1. This is adorable! My boys would both love this.


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