31 March, 2011

My favorite joke

For you Americans . . .

Tomorrow is April 1, and with this new month comes the time of year to tell my students one of my all time favorite jokes. Ready?

April showers bring May flowers
But what do May flowers bring?


Ha ha ha ha ha!

I love to see my students faces as they figure out this joke.  Every year I have a few students for whom this may the first joke they ever really "get."  It is wonderful to see them laugh so much and really know why.  I hope your students or children like this joke too!  


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  1. You know every since I shared that joke with the kids every once in a while one of us will out of the blue say....'...pilgrams...' and everyone giggles.

    That's one of the best jokes I know! ;)

    Happy April Fools Day.


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