24 March, 2011

Spring Break Work

What have we been doing lately?  Well, it is Spring vacation week, so . . .

C and I gave her room a Waldorf inspired makeover.   She requested pink walls with a rainbow, and a sunset.  She was a great helper!

All finished!  

C and our dog Nuala both seem to think her new pink room is a fun place to be.  : )

I also spent some time this week making a big mess!  It was so much fun!  

I cut out and painted a toadstool house . . .

 a sea serpent (not quite finished) . . .

and a basking mermaid.

I did a little needle felting too.  

Here's an ocean play mat . . . 

a tiny little play mat with a tiny garden and a tiny rabbit . . . 

and a Spring maiden holding a lovely rose.

Plus, our whole family has slept late, made brownies, played in the mud, seen a movie with Nana, spent lovely time with friends, and generally had lots of FUN!  Because that's what vacations are all about, right?

And now ONWARD!  Only 2 months of school are left, and we have so much to do!!!


  1. Love C's room. So pretty! Your mermaids and toadstools are so cute, too.
    Hope that you have a happy weekend:)

  2. Hey, I have an idea - why you don't adopt me? Oh, yes...I am a grown up...or at least suppose to be :/
    Love everything! And of the fabulous toys you made, toadstoole house is my fav!

  3. so inspiring!!! I love it.. I wish I was as crafty as you are... You've been busy..

  4. I LOVE it! The room looks lovely and the toys are wonderful!


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