13 March, 2011

Where We Are: Schedule Collages

Something that has worked out extremely well in our classroom is our daily schedule posting.  Each day all of our planned activities are posted, in the order they will occur that day, on the wall of the classroom.  I hope you can see in this picture.  It is on the left, next to the calendar.  There is a collage of photographs to represent each activity or place to which the children might go on any given day.  We have collages for . . .

P.E. (Physical Education)
Work Time

Please note:  When making these collages, I made a conscious decision not to include the times of the activities.  This allows us some flexibility if for example, the children are a bit squirmy, and we have to make our Circle time shorter.  It also allows me to use the same photographs each day, and just adjust the order in which the events will occur.  

If you would like to use these in your home or classroom, please feel free to print them.  I did make them quite a while ago, and I can't even remember where I got most of the images.  If you see something you know is copyrighted, please let me know and I will change it out.  Thank you!

Where are you going today?

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  1. What a great idea. I think my girls would really respond to those!


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