06 June, 2011

My First Public Art Sale

Well, I was a first time vendor at a local public art sale this past weekend, and while I wouldn't say my items were received stupendously, no one said, "What is that?"  I did sell a few things however, and my dear friend Frances sold a bunch of items.  Go Frances!  And I met a potential new friend! So generally, it was good all around.

I am seriously considering putting my leftover items on Etsy.  I think they are pretty good, and that most of my problem was that people in my town don't really know about Waldorf education and Waldorf inspired toys.  (Plus, they were too distracted by Frances' gorgeous jewelry to look at toys for their children. )

Sooooooo . . . here are some of the items I have.  Any thoughts?

Felted forest play mat with little Spring painted peg people.  People also have felted cloaks for colder weather.  Cloaks fit well onto fingers so they also work well as finger puppets!

Felted "Story of the Root Children" play mat.  Root children are separate, 
but this mat will include one wooden girl and 3 felted insects.

Felted ocean play mat with wooden mermaid, dolphin, and seal.

Wooden Queen, Princesses, and Ladies

Winter Woman

Mother Earth (She has grass, river, trees, and sky on her dress.  Her hair represents the clouds in the sky.)


Wooden child with mushroom cap

Some large felted acorns

Twilight Princess 

 I also have some play silks.  So I guess you might see me this summer on Etsy!


  1. Yes, put them, put them right away so I can buy them right away! :)
    I didn't see that tree on the first page - is it sold?

  2. on the first photo, I mean... :/

  3. LOVE!!! Not to be mean but I'm so glad your town isn't into your work 'cause I want it ALL!!! :) You're such a wonderful artist!!

    Can't wait to see you again!


  4. I understand it made you said; but there are so many other people who just love your work - I wanted to write something similar to Honey :) - Their lost is our gain! ;)

  5. I love all your creations and I'm right here in your town. I was out of town for Funk in the City.
    I might have to come see you at school, my dear friend is Kathy S. Upper school math/physic teacher.

  6. I love all your artwork and I live right here in your city. It seems I've been out of town for Funk in the City and several of the other Art shows. I'd love to come see you at your school some afternoon. I'm good friends with Kathy S. that teaches in the Upper School- Math/Physics.


Thank you for your comments. They are always much appreciated. : )