10 August, 2011

Creating the Classroom Environment, the Third Teacher

In Reggio Emilia classrooms and Reggio Emilia inspired spaces educators speak of three teachers: parents, classroom teachers and the school environment.

Keeping this ultimate goal in mind . . .

In my new classroom, I have been striving to clean out enough to make the space fit my teaching style, while also saving some of the fantastic materials that were there already.  I have also been working on making the space somewhat of an amalgam of Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio-Emilia inspired spaces.

Here are a few photos of what the classroom looked like when I arrived.  It was very colorful, vibrant, and full of exciting materials.

The problem was that the materials were not my own so I wasn't comfortable with them.  I needed mostly my things along with a few of the previous teacher's things, to get the year started.  With the blessing of my new school, I cleaned out, reorganized, and began afresh.  I stored some of the old items for later use, and brought out some of my old favorites.

I used my natural materials, Waldorf-inspired items whenever I felt it was appropriate.


Block Building

I have some Montessori practical life exercises, and some Montessori math and language materials. 

And some (hopefully) invitingly displayed art materials, ready for Reggio-Emilia inspired project work.  I also have a fabulous magnetic board in the block area ready for building project work!  It is to the right of the plain wooden blocks, on the wall.  It is 8 feet tall!  WOW!

and dear readers, the best thing of all is that my new classroom HAS A SINK!!!!!!

So I have 6 more days until school starts, but I have a few things ready to go!  What do you think?


  1. Oh BEAUTIFUL!!! I may be biased, but I think you've done a MUCH better job! It's so much more relaxing and seems as if the children could breathe/concentrate on their works instead of the room.

    Lovely job!


  2. Fabulous!

    I know you worked hard for creating this gorgeous space for the kids, and it was really worth it! And as Honey already said, it is so relaxing and kids can breath and be kids, not the slaves of the objects around. They will create the magic in this room and learn so much more!

  3. What a beautiful welcoming environment! I can imagine how much time you've been putting in. The children are going to love it. Is that a piece of fabric covering the white board? I love the color/texture of that.

  4. Oh my god... So much room, so many possibilities. I love what you have done so far.. Beautiful, inviting, creative.. That's brilliant!!! A lot of work involved, obviously.. I hope they realise how lucky they are to have you!!!

  5. You are inspiring me to declutter ! xx

  6. Thanks! If only I could declutter my house as well I as did my classroom!
    It is a MESS! : )

  7. Thanks for popping over! I got the ice cube thingys on Ebay here in Uk but I bet you can get them in your dollar stores! xx


Thank you for your comments. They are always much appreciated. : )