14 September, 2011

More Reflections

Today our class went for a walk around our school, searching for reflections. Check out what we found!

The children found their images in . . .

the water table,

a gravy boat,

a trophy,

hallway windows,

the upper school's microwave,

the common room fireplace,

outside windows,


doors leading outside,

and glass ornaments!

We also spied this fabulous reflection!  No, it is not a giant moon hanging in the forest behind our school.  It is a reflection of a large circular window that is above and behind where we sat when I took this picture.  The children especially loved this reflection.

Tomorrow we will start constructing a book with these images.  The children will add the dialogue, and soon we will have a new book for our classroom library!  

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  1. Hey...the moons a reflection too! Of course you can't see yourself in it but...that lovely moonie window reflection is screaming out for some 'Good Night Moon.'

    I like the orange and her sweet little pumpkin pickin' self! :)



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