17 September, 2011

My classroom (after one month)

Okay, so after a month I am starting to feel a little more settled into my new classroom.  It is looking a little less bare, and a little more messy, but also is beginning to reflect the personalities of my students!

Without further ado, here is a peek into some of my inside space, mess and all!  Enjoy!

 our Science area

Housekeeping (with the new roof)

View of the roof, from below.  The children beaded all the diagonal wire pieces!

Awwww.  Our classroom babies

More Housekeeping

Dress up silks

Some of our loose parts, in action!

Magical potion, created in our Art area

The story stump

Refrigerator for snacks and food works

Carpet for stories and individual work (also excellent for jumping from continent to continent!)

a rather unattractive but useful table, just the right height for the children to kneel at for writing, working puzzles, or whatever!  This is actually the writing area, with mailboxes for each child.  It hasn't been too busy yet, but I am anticipating lots of work going on in here later!

Cozy Library and small play space

Block area, in action!

Working with aluminum foil, in the block area

Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way (at our reflection table)
Rocks and glass bowls do not mix well!

Light exploration, at the reflection table

So there you have it.  I wonder what the next few months will bring?  

How is your classroom shaping up?


  1. Oh you have me inspired !!! xxxx

  2. Karen, you are an inspiration for all for us!! I love what you've done with the classroom... Excellent... What a wonderful place to learn!


Thank you for your comments. They are always much appreciated. : )