25 September, 2011

Whistle with an acorn cap!

Do you know people who can whistle through their fingers?  I do, but sadly, I am not one of them. Sometimes I so wish I could though.  It would be a handy trick to be able to pull from my "pocket."  I can however, pull an acorn cap from my pocket and use it whistle - loudly!  My children and my students are always so impressed and it is sometimes the only way I can call them in from outside!  : )

You can whistle with an acorn cap too!  Here's how:

Find a whole, unbroken acorn cap.

Make a fist with both hands, and place your hands, knuckle to knuckle.

Place the acorn cap on the top of your pointer fingers and hold it in place with both of your thumbs.

Separate your thumbs slightly, bending them into a "v" shape.  (Make sure the rest of the acorn cap is covered with the bottom part of your thumbs.)

Blow on your thumb knuckles.

A little tip:  Okay I know this sounds gross, but it works so . . .

Sometimes it helps to lick the insides of your thumbs.  It makes the whistle more clear.

Oh, and don't give up. When you finally get the hang of this, the resounding whistle is worth all the work, I promise!


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  1. i love this!!! thanks so much for the reminder about using an acorn...i had forgotten about that one.

    have you ever tried it with a blade of grass between your thumbs? makes more of a duck call sound.

    beautiful girl you have there. xx,kristin


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