27 September, 2011

Why is it called Fall anyway?

The thought provoking questions:

Why is this season called Fall?  
What falls?
If you drop any two items at the same time, which falls first?  Why?
Can you control where something falls?
Can you control how fast something falls?

and the biggie . . .


I thought you, dear readers, might like to see few photos of the aftermath of today's Fall exploration.  Mess means good learning experience, right?  : )

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?!?!


And the next day . . .

And the children used up all the masking tape.  I need to buy that stuff in bulk!

Next week's Fall work, Tall Fall Painting!


  1. Love the mess, best learning comes from messes.

    Fall for me means a time of gathering in all the thoughts and memories that have happened to you so far over the year,like the leaves falling off the tree they gather in your heart, waiting for Winter time when you can sit quietly and think of changes that you might make to improve your life, and then when Spring time comes you are all ready to start anew. Cheers Marie

  2. Thank you, Marie. Your thoughts are like a poem, and remind me what is really important. : )

  3. Wonderful learning experiences!!!! You have many little brains at work there!!! Very imaginative and creative!! Hands on experiences, they are the best. I wish I had a corner like this for my kids to experiment freely without fear of making a mess. Unfortunately, I don't!!! And sometimes, I find it hard to allow mess.. even though I know that this is when the learning is at his peak.. I have to stop being too controlling. One of my many faults!! Well done Karen. I love this post.


Thank you for your comments. They are always much appreciated. : )