01 October, 2011

Leaf Art circa 1975

Picture yourself in 1976 . . .

If your life was anything like mine was, you greatly enjoyed the fashion of the day, and showed up to Kindergarten in groovy corduroy bell bottom pants that perfectly matched your swinging Dorothy Hamill haircut.  Oh yes, this was a good year.

It was such a good year in fact, that I remember a really fun art project we did - even now that I am (according to my children) as old as the dinosaurs. Well, I may be old, but I can still be groovy!

Here is the groovy art project I recreated this week, from my amazing-even-though-old memory:

Wax Paper-Melty Crayons-Leaf Art

First go on a lovely Fall walk to gather leaves.  You can press them (in a book with paper towels - for about a week) afterwards if you like, and honestly this project works a little better with dry, pressed leaves.  We didn't dry ours and it worked fine, but the water from the leaves repelled the wax paper a bit.

Next peel the paper from Fall colored old crayons, then peel or scrape the crayons to get small bits (we used a peeler and a fork.  I thought the fork was actually easier to use.)

Then arrange your leaves on a piece of folded wax paper.  Be sure to only arrange them on one side of the fold.  (The other side will be folded over to make the top of your project.)  Sprinkle bits of crayon onto and next to the leaves.  The more crayon you use, the more exciting the project!  At least that is what we found!

Fold the blank half of the wax paper over the side with the leaves and crayons, and iron gently on low heat.  Make sure your child watches as you iron.  The colors melt and ooze and become very intense!  It is so much fun to watch!  

Ironing advice:  I ironed these projects with and without a towel on the top, and I honestly think it worked better without the towel.  The melting crayons and the wax paper were a little smelly though so be sure to open a window for this step.  

My daughter's 1976 leaf art . . .

Mine (all that's missing is a lava lamp, right?)

and my students!  Look how gorgeous they look with the sun shining through them!  

Pretty groovy, right?


  1. COOL!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing. I am going to make this with my class.

  2. OK. That is on my list for this fall!!! I love it and it is so simple to do. Very effective. Thanks Karen.


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