22 January, 2012

Art Pieces in our Classroom Art Museum

Our class, once again, has been learning about the beauty of Art and the artists who create it.

We have looked at art collages, specifically the work of Lois Ehlert . . .

and created collages of our own.

And now we are learning about the beautiful Impressionist works of Claude Monet . . .

These are not quite finished yet, but here are a few pictures of the beginning of the process. The children chose colors they wanted to use in their paintings, considering if they wanted their Impressionist painting to represent Fall or Spring.  (We looked earlier in the week at different works of Claude Monet, noting the feelings and seasons his colors seemed to represent.  For example, the children thought this work looked distinctly Fall-ish . . .

The Rose-Way in Giverny
especially in comparison to something like this

which seemed to them to look much more Spring-ish.)

After selecting colors, they squirted away . . .

and then rolled the paint in all directions!

After the paint dries, the children will be adding their own Japanese bridge and a small photo of themselves standing upon it.  I will post some photos of these lovely works, when they are completed. 

Update:  Here are a few of the children's finished works!  

We have also been creating art with "ice" crystals, using salt painting . . .

and drawing a plethora of penguins.

All these pieces have been installed in our classroom children's art museum!

To build our museum we first used a box of laminate flooring I had lying around in my attic.  The children slid the pieces together like a giant puzzle, and I used tiny pieces of duct tape to ensure the pieces stayed connected.  This is clearly not a permanent solution for a laminate floor, but it worked perfectly for this "temporary installation."

Next we turned our house area kitchen around, and mounted art pieces on the back of it.  It made a great display space.  I also used the house area mirror as a freestanding display stand (which can be viewed from either the front or the back.)  It looks fabulous with all the crystal art pieces!

After hanging the children's art museum sign, we were ready to go!  Siblings and parents were invited, tickets were created and punched, and a wonderful visit was had by all!  

Coming soon to our museum and this blog:  

Completed Monet Impressionist Art Pieces!


  1. That is a wonderful post with great imagination at play.. I love it (as usual). Kids love painting but the way you do it using that deep messy table is brilliant!! I have to think about making one. Buying is not an option as complanies would charge me an arm and leg for one here. And It has to be small enought to fit in our classroom. We haven't got as much space as you have.. You are blessed.. Well, really, the kids are blessed to have you there.. You always have great ingenous ideas! I love it!

  2. Me again!! Just forgot to say that I love your little gnome in your blog picture! I bet you made it? I wish I was as clever as you are!!! DO you have any good site to recommend where I could buy a few of them to represent the different seasons in our classroom?

  3. Thank you! It is funny how you say we have so much room. We feel so crowded sometimes, but I know we are lucky to have the room we do - even if I would wish for a bit more! : ) Yes, our deep water/sand/deep painting table is great isn't it? I got it YEARS ago at a local rummage sale - for FREE! The person who was donating it to the sale asked us (I helped organize the event) to hold onto it until she could let us know if a local group wanted it. We dutifully did so, but then the donator never came back! I knew if I took it lots of children would love it, and so I asked the president of our organization if I could just have it. She said yes, and the rest is history! : ) I have a friend who made a water table out of a big plastic storage tub and wood from a home improvement store, Maybe Mark would make one for you? : )

    And the gnome . . . nope I didn't make him except for his hat. I think he was originally Robin Hood, but he was a little bedraggled. He had lost his hood and was bald in the back! I just felted him a little hat and sewed it on. He does look much better, and not so Tim Burton-esque! : )

    As to a gnome for your room . . . hmmmmm. You might have an American friend who would love to make a little gnome for your Irish classroom. : ) And I will look to see what I can find in catalogues too because sometimes my handmade items are a little bit crazy looking!



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