06 January, 2012

My latest felting projects

Over the Winter vacation I took a little time out to work on some felting projects.  Here are the results:

Inspired by Brother Acorn from A Donsy of Gnomes by Sieglinde De Francesca

Inspired by a trip to The Lake District, England

and inspired my own imagination . . .

Finding Snowdrops

and . . .

A fairy ring around the moon

I have had lots of fun making these, and I hung Brother Acorn up in my classroom.  Now, I just need to figure out what to do with the rest!


  1. your talent is so inspiring! these are all so gorgeous!

  2. So beautiful and so such imagination and creativity. I love your choice of colours especially in your 'finding snowdrops'. Thank you for showing us these!

  3. Thank you both, for your kind words. : )

  4. Karen, I just saw this post! Girl, you are so talented! I don't know which one I like the best, they are all so wonderful!

  5. And - does Etsy rings any bells?


Thank you for your comments. They are always much appreciated. : )