28 February, 2012

Into the Woods

Okay dear readers, turn on your Stephen Sondheim CDs and hum along with our class as we head . . .

Into the Woods!

Remember this woods?  It is located just behind our school.  Until a few weeks ago it was covered with water!  (Here is a post about this area, Flooded.)

Well, once the water receded it left a flat area full of interesting fallen branches.

They were perfect for balancing . . .

and climbing . . .

The children were tuckered out from so much climbing and had to take a little nap in the sunshine!

Some found fabulous pieces of nature!

The we found a little place where some water remained.  Look at the tree branch that was conveniently lying across it.  How fabulous!

Of course, everyone had to take a turn crossing the bridge.

and then go fishing.  The children caught some lovely pond weed.  

The children loved being outside!  They were completely engaged - without a single toy or any teacher prepared material.  

This is a photograph of all 10 of my students, working and learning.  I had to back up quite a bit to fit them all into one camera shot, but if you look carefully you can see some children are working independently and some are cooperating, to achieve goals.  

What a wonderful class family!

And what a wonderful time we had, in the woods!


  1. I love taking my children into the woods too. Unfortunately we are still buried under a couple of feet of snow. Hopefully you will get a turn to return weekly so you can notice the changes of the coming spring.

  2. I love seeing your students coming inside from a good day outside when I come to pick up B at school. All those muddy boots and clear bright happy faces...awesome!


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