15 April, 2012

A Fantastic Resource: The Twizzlecaps Find Fairyland

Have you ever found a teaching resource that is so fabulous, you simply cannot keep it to yourself?  Sorry to stand on my teacher soap box and say, "You should definitely use this amazing resource," but you should because it is so wonderful!

The Twizzlecaps Find Fairyland is an enchanting story about two little fairies who don't know they're fairies.  They are looking for a new home in the woods.  The story tells us that home "must be near food and water."  So begins this tale which is not only a sweet and wonderful story, but is also full of information about nature, woodland creatures, medicinal plants, and forest survival skills such as when and why to use a wooden splint and where to take shelter during a storm.  The story is peppered with enticing sound effects that make the listener feel she is really in the woods with The Twizzlecaps and their forest friends.  We hear the sounds of the babbling brook, the chattering birds, the flapping of owls' wings and more!  The story is divided into chapters which are bookended with introductory and closing bits of music. 

Please note: This is an audio story only.  I found the illustrations on The Twizzlecaps Facebook page , and with the author's permission, posted them.  Apparently there was a written version of the story along with some extension activities, but it is no longer available.  Initially I was disappointed to hear this, but after listening to the story, I think it is even better not to use an illustrated story while listening.   Beautiful though the illustrations are, it is wonderful for the children to use only their imaginations to see all the characters and locations in the story.  In fact, I have not showed my daughter or my students the pictures because I am sure what they have created in their minds is even better!  

You can find The Twizzlecaps story here on their web page or here on the Scholastic.co.uk resources page.  I think you can listen to the first three parts of the story on the Scholastic page, for free, but to hear the other 27 chapters, you will have to pay to download the story.  If you're not in the UK, don't worry. The author uses PayPal, and when I purchased my copy of the story, the conversion worked out to something like $8.  Please trust me when I tell you it was well worth $8!  (And nope, I am not a paid endorser, just a very happy customer.  My daughter loved the story and my students are loving it too!  We spent a large amount of time this past week acting out scenarios from the story.)  The author assures me the purchase price money is going towards the production of more stories and the creation of an interactive web site - all of which sounds pretty spiffy!

So, hop on over to The Twizzlecaps web site, and listen to the free samples.  My guess is you will love it as much as my daughter, my students, and I do!  



  1. Thank you. I have just pinned it to make sure I fit it into our days somehow.

  2. Hi Karen.
    Have been trying to email you with no success. Have you changed your email address?
    If you could kindly email your new contact details I have something you might be interested in.
    Best wishes
    David Dean (Twizzlecaps)


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