24 May, 2012

Assessment: What my students learned this year

As the end of this school year rapidly approaches, I find myself pondering, What did the children learn this year?  Sure we covered a letter each week and marked the calendar each day, but what did the children really learn?  After pondering for awhile,  I came up with a few things. . .

  • Things that are small are often the most interesting, and if you don’t look closely you could miss it!  There is a whole world of living creatures on our playground and school grounds and if you get down on your hands and knees, you can see it! 
  • Insects are not scary, but are very interesting!  They have 3 body parts, 6 legs, and an exoskeleton.  Some insects are very loud (like cicadas) and some seem to make no noise at all (like ants).
  • Spiders are not insects.  They can be many different sizes.  Even though some of them may bite, they are beneficial because they eat mosquitoes and other harmful insects.
  • A tiny square of sponge soaked with water provides captured insects and spiders with enough water for them to drink, but not so much water that it will drown them.

  • You can create art with washable paint, water colors, mud, outdoor paint, berries, sand, clay, crayons, markers, colored pencils, sticks, stones, beads, glue, acorns, wool, fabric, cardboard, tin foil, seeds, grass, yarn, light, wire, leaves, branches, sponges, pebbles, chalk, toothpicks, bamboo skewers, pool noodles, glitter, and styrofoam.  You can paint with toilet plungers, fly swatters, sticks, salad spinners, rolling pins, eye droppers, paint brushes, sponges, and shaving cream. 
  • Poison Ivy has leaves of three.  If you see poison ivy, for Pete’s sake don’t touch it!

  • The forest behind our school is awesome and is a place where great adventures can happen.  It is also a lovely place for a lunchtime picnic.
  • If children work together, they can lift up really heavy stumps!
  • Rain boots are very useful.

  • Splashing in puddles is fun!  Also, splash, splish, and swoosh are examples of onomatopoeia
  • No matter how fast you run, you can’t catch The Gingerbread Man!
  • Birds have hollow bones.  That is one of the reasons they can fly.
  • If you jump off something high, bend your knees when you land.
  • Balancing on different surfaces is fun!  It is more fun is you say, “Whoa, whooooooa” as you try to balance
  • Thinking of rhyming words is fun!  It is hard to think of rhymes for some of the children’s names in our class!  
  • Living on The Mayflower probably wasn’t much fun.
  • Seeds from all plants travel by wind, water, and our feet (among other ways).
  • Trees make their own food, “drink” water, and give us oxygen to breathe.
  • Birds eat up black sunflower seed really quickly!
  • Beauty berries don’t make good dye.

  • Gravity pulls down most things, but if you make tracks with pieces of pipe and masking tape, you can control the direction in which things fall (things like marbles and balls)
  • Seeds grow roots down into soil and a stem and leaves into the air
  • Sometimes no matter how well you care for them, seeds just don’t grow.
  • Clean mud isn’t really clean, but it is fun!
  • Knives aren’t dangerous if you use them correctly and carefully.

  • Squeezing oranges is fun, but hard work.  The freshly squeezed juice is delicious.
  • Rolling down hills makes people very dizzy, but it is a delightful experience.
  • Sometimes when you fall down you are more surprised and startled than hurt.
  • It is okay to cry, but it is okay to dry your tears and get on with whatever you were doing when you feel better.
  • Ladybug larvae bite, but only if you bother them.
  • Removing splinters doesn’t hurt as much as you think it will.
  • Many children in our class speak more than one language and have visited continents other than North America!
  • Sometimes it is best to take 2 trips.

  • Sometimes things spill and sometime things break.  It is okay.  Just say you’re sorry and help clean it up.
  • Wet sand molds into shapes, mountains, rivers, and valleys.
  • Beavers live in the forest behind our school.  If you look carefully you can find sticks that have been stripped of bark, by the beavers.  The beavers eat the bark.
  • Crayfish live on the banks of the creek.  They make homes that look sort of like a little mud chimney.  
  • The mouse is smarter than the Gruffalo.
  • Freshly bakes bread smells fantastic (even if it is made in the bread maker).
  • Blackberries are delicious!
  • If you add glow in the dark paint to it, play dough glows in the dark!
  • Even if a child has an allergy, everything will be okay as long as everyone is careful and washes his or her hands after eating.
  • Claude Monet painted many pictures of an arched bridge in his garden.  We have many arches at our school.  If you walk up and down the halls, you will see many arch shapes too!
  • Reflections don’t always show things as they really are.  If you look at your own reflection, in a spoon, it seems like you are upside down!
  • Interrupting is only funny when it is done by The Interrupting Chicken.
  • April showers bring May flowers, but May flowers bring . . . pilgrims!  Hahahahaha!
  • Our class is a family.  We sometimes get upset with each other, but generally we enjoy each other’s company.  We like to play together, work together, sing together, eat together, and laugh together.

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  1. So much learning in a year! And so much fun! I wish I wad a kid in your classroom! Lol


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