31 August, 2013

Magic Spray

We all know that quite often the simplest solution is the best.  Simple recipes are often the tastiest, simple gifts are the most appreciated, and simple lessons and activities are the best for children.  Because of course, the children take them in directions that interest them!  : )

But I digress, back to simple.  In our classroom, we use something simple that smells lovely, cools us down, and calms us down, all at the same time.  It is heavenly and the children LOVE it!  I promise I do not exaggerate here, they truly LOVE this.

Yup, there it is.  Magic Spray.  Ready for the recipe?

tap water, 1 bottle full
lavender oil, as many drops as you like (until it smells lovely but not overpowering)

We use a good spray bottle with a nozzle that provides a good amount of mist with each spray.  We have it labeled "Magic Spray" so we and the children will not confuse it with any other spray bottles in the classroom.  We keep it on the windowsill, next to our large carpeted area.  When we come in from outside, or back from a busy or extremely loud school assembly or the like, the children sit on the rug and I go about the room, misting everyone with the magic spray.  We tell the children who wish to be sprayed to close their eyes before we mist them, and of course, anyone who does not wish to be sprayed does not have to be.  I had a few campers this summer who preferred to be sprayed on their hands rather than their heads, but most of the children are delighted to be sprayed.  Sometimes I have to make a few rounds around the circle, and mist everyone two or three times!  

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.  It makes the classroom smell so good and makes every smile.

Oh, and my partner suggested we keep the magic spray in the refrigerator!  Good idea - as it supposed to be 100+ degrees this week!  

I wonder what other essential oils we could use, in our Magic Spray collection.  Perhaps lemongrass or peppermint?  Maybe something cinnamon-ish for use in the Fall?  What do you think?  

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